For applicants responding to the advertisement, please read the following carefully.

We have selected the videos below because we believe that they provide good guidance as to how to format your resume. We have also attached two resumes of fictional candidates that we have formatted using this advice.

Please format your resume in keeping with this advice. Please check your resume CAREFULLY. If your resume has grammatical or typographical errors, it is unlikely to be taken seriously.  Please keep your resume simple. Please do not include fancy formatting. Your resume MUST have an email and a WhatsApp number to contact you.

Resume Writing Tips

Sample Resume

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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Additional Requirements

We have TWO additional requirements which will help us to verify what you have put on your resume. Please attach TWO additional pages to your resume. Please do NOT upload a document that does not meet these requirements.

On the FIRST PAGE AFTER YOUR RESUME, please put the title REFERENCES. On that page, please ONLY include the contact details for THREE references.

  • The FIRST should be an academic reference. Please state the person’s name and title, for example, Dr John Smith, Lecturer, Department of Engineering. Please note the specific academic reference that we require is a reference provided by someone who taught you in your core degree at your university, that is:
    1. if you are an engineering student, the reference should be someone who taught you engineering,
    2. if you are a computer science student, the reference should be someone who taught you computer science, or
    3. if you are an economics or natural science student, the reference should be someone who taught you economics or natural science respectively.
  • Please do NOT include the name of someone who did not teach you in your core subject.
  • The SECOND should be a current or former employer. Please include the person’s position and the name of the company where you worked with them.
  • The THIRD should be a character reference, for example, a coach, a mentor, a pastor/priest/imam/rabbi or another community leader who knows you well.
  • FOR ALL REFERENCES, please INCLUDE 1) their email, 2) if possible, their WhatsApp number and 3) if possible, their LinkedIn profile. We find that it is beneficial to you to include a WhatsApp number since we can generally reach your reference more quickly.

On the SECOND PAGE AFTER YOUR RESUME, please include a university transcript which allows us to substantiate your degree granted, your grades, and who you are. It should be clear from the transcript that it is a copy of a document that was OFFICIALLY issued by the Registrar of the university that granted your degree. If you graduated earlier than December 31, 2019, you MUST include an official transcript. If you graduated after December 31, 2019, and an official transcript is NOT available, you should attach a temporary or provisional transcript. You MUST also attach a letter from the Registrar stating that the transcript is provided temporarily until an official transcript can be issued and the date that the Registrar expects that an official transcript will be issued.

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